Digital Story part 2.

Update on my digital storytelling project: I think it is coming together nicely, especially considering how technologically challenged I can be sometimes. I was able to create an effect that I really wanted, and I am really happy about that. It is not a super exciting effect, but I am proud that I pushed through and got it done (even though it took me an hour). However, I had a little bit of a scare right after I finished that section. Either my laptop or the video editing website had a problem and did not show my progress for a good five minutes. I was about to curl in a ball and cry when whatever went wrong fixed itself and everything was back to as it should be (thank goodness!). The sessions with Rachel Jackson have been extremely helpful and without them I know I would be lost. This is the first time that I have ever used video editing software (which is surprising considering I am a film and media studies major), and I am immensely enjoying the opportunity to learn a new skill. Putting together a video like this may seem simple, but way more goes into it than you may think. Even though the video itself is only 1 ½ to 2 minutes, it takes hours to make sure the photos, music, videos and effects line up with the voice track. I definitely have a newfound respect for movie and TV show editors, they have to edit 1-2 HOURS of content.

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