On October 25, 2016 I had the privilege of attending the President’s Associates Dinner with speaker Dr. Joshua Landis. This was actually the second time that I was able to hear Dr. Landis speak about ISIS, Syria, and the crisis in the Middle East, the first being in my Understanding the Global Community: Globalization, Development, and Difference class. Even though Dr. Landis covered the same topics at the dinner and in class, without the time limit he was able to go more in-depth and it gave me a greater understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Landis compared the current situation in the Middle East (specifically Syria) to the “Great Sorting Out” that occurred in central Europe during and after World War II. He discussed the ethnic cleansing that resulted from Germany’s domination and spread over Europe and how the Nation-States that came from it were a result of the condensing of similar groups of people. I could try to explain more, but I would not be doing Dr. Landis justice. Before I heard his presentation, I had a vague idea of how involved the United States was in the Middle East and the cause of some of the crises there, but thanks to Dr. Landis I now feel more educated on the subject. I also now feel an even greater need to advocate for the refugees fleeing Syria. They are losing their homes and lives in a conflict that most have no interest or part in. I do not necessarily think it is a good idea for the United States to get involved militarily, but I do feel like there is a lot more that we could do to help refugees relocate to safer conditions.