On Global Engagement Day (April 5, 2017) I had the opportunity to attend two different sessions. I wish I could have attended more but my class schedule would not have allowed me to L. I attended the Fulbright info session and the Preparing for Your Adventure session. While I found both extremely interesting, I found that what I learned in the Preparing for Your Adventure session seemed more relevant to my current status in the Global Engagement program. I am nowhere near ready to apply for a Fulbright, but it was very informative and helpful to hear stories from people that had been accepted and have gone through or are about to start their research/program. I am however, nearing my time to study abroad. Hearing simple advice like what not to pack or what map app to get for my phone was very helpful. Those are things that an average study abroad info session may not cover. I also now know to pick up electrical adapters and to buy as many things as possible when I arrive in the country that I choose to study in. It was fun hearing from friends and colleagues about their time abroad and made me even more excited to begin my journey.