This semester I had the opportunity to be a part of the Foreign Film club again and it was an amazing experience. Even though we did not have many meetings, the few we did have were so much fun. I was able to hang with other Global Engagement Fellows, eat pizza, and be exposed to films from other countries that I may not have discovered on my own. This semester I am also taking the class Film History from 1960- present in which we learned about different film movements in the world throughout this period and how historical events within those countries shaped those movements. Each week we watched a film from a different country and it was cool to be able to then go into Foreign Film club and watch other movies from some of the same countries. As a Film and Media studies major, everything about the movie-making process fascinates me; I love being able to take things I learn from my film classes and apply them to my everyday film watching. My Film History class as well as Foreign Film club have cultivated within me an even greater appreciation for films from around the world and how every country has different ways of telling their unique stories. I know that I will definitely be a member of this club next year.