Europe tour part 2

Prague 4/19 – 4/20

I spent less than 24 hours in Prague and it wasn’t all fun and games, but overall I had an amazing time and definitely recommend visiting!

Amanda and I left Berlin really early (like 6am early) to catch our train to Prague. We arrived around noon and it was a lot hotter than anticipated. I was already tired and dehydrated from the train ride and the previous almost full week of traveling so I spent most of the afternoon napping. Thankfully we had a break in hostels and found a really good deal on a room at a Holiday Inn through the app Hotel Tonight so I slept like a baby for a few hours.

One cool thing about this part of our trip is that we were able to meet up with some of our friends from the University of Hertfordshire who were also traveling around. We walked around for a bit together before grabbing dinner. Amanda and I then went and explored a bit before heading back to the hotel. While we didn’t see everything Prague had to offer, this stop taught be that I’m not invincible and as much as I want to push myself and keep going, sometimes I need to listen to my body and take a break.

Austria: Vienna and Salzburg

Vienna 4/20- 4/21

We had a little more time in Vienna because we were able to leave for Salzburg later in the day. We met up with our friends again for dinner on the 20th and explored the area around Heldenplatz which was gorgeous.

The next day was Easter, and while it was hard to spend it away from family, my friends made it easy to still have fun and make the most of the day. We went to Schoenbrunn Palace and wandered the market (where we bought delicious pretzels) before going to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

Salzburg 4/22

Salzburg was beautiful and incredible. We were close to the Alps and the views were astounding. We spent a couple hours just drinking wine at a cafe and looking at the view. It was so refreshing to have that moment to take everything in and reflect on my travels up until that point. It made me so thankful for the opportunity.

Next up in part 3: Belgium and the Resting Period

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